ChaCha Internship Program

So, Who is ChaCha?
ChaCha is the premiere high-technology start-up firm in Indiana with through a viral word-of-mouth reach.
ChaCha has...
• catapulted into the top 100 websites
• over 40 million users per month and growing
• a top 5 mobile phone service
• awesome global brand partners like Sony and Coca-Cola
• the #1 mobile text search service - even ahead of Google!

Gain real-world experience with a paid internship at ChaCha!
and hardworking college students who are seeking a challenging and fun internship. ChaCha's internship program is designed to offer talented students the opportunity to work with world-renowned entrepreneurial talent as you learn invaluable skills to bring with you after graduation.

A ChaCha Internship is Fast-Paced, Flexible, Casual and Fun!
An internship at ChaCha is paid, although the experience is priceless! We offer flexible hours whenever possible, recognizing a student's needs to work around academic schedules and study time. ChaCha's casual and team-focused work environment fosters limitless learning and career opportunities. At ChaCha, interns contribute to a high performance team and gain valuable experience in their field of study. Interns are strongly encouraged to pursue college credits due to the intense education component of this internship program. Internships typically last 3-4 months and are available year round.

Fulfilling Real-World Experience and So Much More!
ChaCha's corporate headquarters is located in Carmel, Indiana at the beautiful Clay Terrace outdoor lifestyle center which is surrounded by shopping and dining amenities all conventionally located within walking distance. In the office, interns will be able to enjoy non-traditional perks including a chalkboard-walled bathroom for sparking entertaining group discussions, and an on-site shower facility for those who take advantage of the award-winning Monon Trail by bike riding to work.

If you're motivated to make an immediate impact on products and services that are changing the world, WE NEED TO TALK!

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